• Auringonnousu Espoon Matinkylän Nokkalanniemessä.
  • Talvinen maisema Nokkalan venesatamasta Espoon Matinkylästä, jossa myös Hotel Matts sijaitsee.
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Things to Do in Espoo

Metro asema, Metro station

Spend your holiday close to nature in vibrant Espoo!

Have a holiday in Espoo a both modern and close-to-nature city in Finland. When staying at Hotel Matts you have incredible opportunities to what Espoo has to offer in sports and outdoors as well as services.

Nokkalan Majakka Espoon Matinkylän merenrannassa.

Espoo Waterfront Walkway, "Espoon Rantaraitti"

The walkway is altogether 40 kilometres long on the Espoo coastline. It offers great sea views in the fresh sea air. The way from Hotel Matts to the coast is only 2 kilometres and you can walk there, ride a rental bike or take the bus. Don’t forget to stop at Nokkalan Majakka for refreshments! 

Experience culture and activities in Espoo

When staying in Hotel Matts the Espoo seaside and its beaches are just 2 kilometres away. And if you like culture, shopping and restaurants you have come to the right place. Hike in Nuuksio national park, go for a run on the Espoo coastline or shopping in Iso Omena, see what cultural activities there is or go for a round of golf on the Espoo greens. Try Skipperi city boats and set off from Nokkalan Majakka or just stay onshore and have a coffee break on the seaside. 

Visit the Espoo Modern art museum EMMA or go for a round of golf on the Espoo greens. Try the “Skipperi” city boats that set off from the seaside café Nokkalan Majakka. Right next door to the hotel is Iso Omena – a shopping centre that has something for everyone. 

Hotel Mattsin läheisyydessä kulkee Espoon rantaraitti, joka on upea luontoreitti meren ja luonnon ympäristössä.
Historiallinen kesäravintola Seurasaaren Kruunu sijaitsee Helsingissä, luonnonläheisessä Seurasaaressa.

Visit Helsinki

Get to know our neighbouring city Helsinki, our capital! Helsinki city centre is easiest to reach by metroThe closest stop is literally on our doorstep and the journey only takes about 20 minutes. 

In Helsinki, we recommend visiting the historical Seurasaari. This famous museum island is perfect for a day trip. There are a beach and a high-quality restaurant, Seurasaaren Kruunu, with its huge terrace area. The oldest part of this unique gem was built in 1890. 

Nuuksio national park

Nature is close everywhere in Espoo and very reachable from our hotel. For example, you can travel to the Nuuksio national park for a day trip. The ride there in the car is only about 20 kilometres. The park is also reachable by bus. 

Nuuksion kansallispuisto
Espoossa on paljon nähtävää ja koettavaa, lähde vaikka meriretkelle Nokkalasta!

Espoo in a nutshell

Espoo was founded in 1972 and is the second-largest city in Finland with its 288 000 inhabitants (Sep 2019). Espoo as an area though has had a settlement for the past 8000 years. The surface area of Espoo covers 312 km² on land and 216 km² on water. Espoo has 165 islands and 95 lakes and 58 kilometres of coastline. Almost everything you can find in Finland; you can find on a smaller scale in Espoo. 

Distances from Hotel Matts

Matinkylä Metrostation: 0,1 km | Shopping Center Iso-Omena: 0,3 km | Cinema Finnkino Omena: 0,3 km | Matinkylä Ice rink: 1 km | Duudsons Activity Park: 0,3 km | Seaside café-restaurant Nokkalan Majakka: 1,8 km | Matinkylä Beach: 1,9 km  |  Espoo Museum Of Modern Art EMMA: 5,7 km | Otaniemi: 7,8 km | Espoo Metro Areena: 4,8 km | Tapiola Golf -nearest golf course: 6,5 km | Outdoor museum Seurasaari: 12 km | Matinkylä Swimming hall – opens 2021: 0,1 km| Helsinki City Centre: 13 km | Helsinki-Vantaa Airport: 29 km

Find out more what’s happening in Espoo from Visit Espoo’s homepage.