Welcome to Hotel Matts!

Hotel Matts is a new hotel in Espoo getting built to Matinkylä. The hotel will open its doors year 2021. Our hotel has 192 rooms and 77 apartments. You can stay in Scandinavian style stylish hotel rooms or cosy apartments. Restaurant Freja offers taste sensations made from fresh ingredients and the rooftop saunas offer a perfect break from everyday life. The hotel is situated in the middle of active Espoo. The surrounding area offers versatile activities and services to people of all ages. 

Hotel Matts is part of the Kassiopeia Hotel & Restaurants -chain

The company behind the hotel is a Finnish company, Kassiopeia Hotels & Restaurants founded in 1997. Hotel Matts is the company’s third hotel and the first in the metropolitan area. The other two hotels, Hotel Levi Panorama and Hotel K5 Levi are situated in Levi, Lapland. 

The new area of Tynnyripuisto

Tynnyripuisto, a new park area, is forming to become a functional and versatile area in Matinkylä. In addition to the hotel, the area will include a new school and the new Matinkylä swimming baths. On its completion, the area will offer services to locals as well as domestic and foreign travellers.    

Tynnyripuisto, a new green, park area, is to become a versatile area in Matinkylä, Espoo

We want to be sustainable

We favour green values and use solar power partly as our energy source. The outer wall on the street side will have solar panels that create energy to be utilised in the everyday operations of the hotel. Using solar power that is a low mission energy source is a way for the hotel to favour ecological options. 

All waste is carefully sorted in the whole hotel and the restaurant fights against food waste with a passion. Led- lighting is used throughout the hotel as their energy consumption is lower than regular bulbs. Parts of the hotel also uses motion censored lighting. We do not use single packaged products in the hotel rooms but utilise refillable containers. 

Bring your pet with you to Hotel Matts

Does your pet travel with you everywhere you go? The pet-friendly Hotel Matts invites the whole family to stay! We offer pets that stay with us, a towel for the paws, bowls and a small bag of treats. There are great places to go for a walk straight out the door and the seaside is only 2 kilometres away as well as the Rantametsän koirapuisto, a dog park. 

Espoo is full of things to see and do all year round! 

Koira hotellihuoneen sängyllä Hotel Mattsissa, joka tarjoaa lemmikkiystävällisiä huoneita ja huoneistoja Espoon Matinkylässä.

The hotel surrounded by versatile services

Our hotel is situated amid great services and access. Everyone finds something to see, enjoy or do whether you are active, like shopping, culture or nature in Espoo. Hike in Nuuksio national park, go for a run on the Espoo coastline or shopping in Iso Omena, see what cultural activities there is or go for a round of golf on the Espoo greens. Try Skipperi city boats and set off from Nokkalan Majakka or just stay onshore and have a coffee break on the seaside. 

For families, the Iso Omena shopping centre also offers excitement in the Dudesons Activity Park or films at Finnkino Omena. For a culture lover, Espoo is a hub of museums and exhibitions. See more on the Visit Espoo Website. 

Read more about nearby activities and services.

A short history of Matinkylä

Matinkylä name dates all the way back to the 16th century when a village called Mattby was situated there. The name was based on the biggest house in the village Matt or Matti and Matts Nilsson who owned the house in the1580’s. Hotel Matts was named to honour the long history of the area.  

Mustavalkoinen kuva kalastajasta Matinkylän rannassa, jonka läheisyydessä Hotel Matts sijaitsee.
Photographer: Tallgren Bruno Photo: Espoon Kaupunginmuseo

Espoo in a nutshell

Espoo was founded in 1972 and is the second-largest city in Finland with its 288 000 inhabitants (Sep 2019). Espoo as an area though has had a settlement for the past 8000 years. The surface area of Espoo covers 312 km² on land and 216 km² on water. Espoo has 165 islands and 95 lakes and 58 kilometres of coastline. Almost everything you can find in Finland; you can find on a smaller scale in Espoo.